I'm Rima, an American girl living in Ireland. I like to draw anime style. I also like to make plushies.


lioness rising art [Moderator of AiraayArt.net]


Name: cat

Nickname: cat

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eye Colour: Sky/Ocean Blue.

Hair Colour: Blond

Skin Colour: White

Border Colour: Orange

Flower: White Rose

Group: Kaldt

Animal: Tiger (White or orange or both)

Power: Claw attack.

Weapon: Combat pole

Personality: ?

Mood: ?.

Bio: her life.

House: Purply Victorian House

Interior: Modern


GP-Roles: Moderator & Member of Varmt & Kaldt team section.

P-Roles: Artist & Editor.

Projects: None.

Status: (She is BUSY!)


Member since December 22 2011.

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