The white owl of the white woods in the building!!!

I'm a varied artist. (Traditional & Digital Artist & Writer & Designer & Crafter)

I'm a prince of my own world.


@Alfirune [Founder of]


Name: Alfirune, The white owl.

Nickname: The Winter prince. (You can call me Ai / 愛 = Love.) The Ghost of the white forest.

Gender: Male (GenderQueer)

Race: Human

Eye Colour: Chocolate Brown

Hair Colour: Black

Skin Colour: White

Border Colour: Baby Pink (#FFC0CB)

Flower: Snø-klokke/Snow-clock

Group: Kaldt

Animal: White Owl

Power: Healer, Water, Wind, Temperature, creating illusions.

Weapon: Whip, daggers.

Outfit: White long shirt down to knees & tight pants with a fun pattern & white shoes. (Sometimes in a white kimono with snow flaskes & owls all over it) white is the color he wear alot. :')

Personality: Caring, Friendly, Shy (kinda Anti-social)

Mood: Happy most of the time but sometimes in a bad mood.

Bio: his life.

House: Inside the woods close to a lake.

Interior: Retro (Everything i love in a pretty box)


GP-Roles: Administrator, Creator & Owner of Varmt & Kaldt team section.

P-Roles: Artist, Writer.


Status: OFF&ON since 2010-now.


Started up Varmt & Kaldt team section on September 18 2010 with @Reezer & @Otaku-Gunso.

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