Anic - also called Fuffe-Tuff would like to rule her own world with cookies and love!


While her cats don't eat her pencils...


Because pencils are needed to draw and write. Because Anic draw and write. o.o


@Anic [WPB-Mod & Member of]


Name: Anic, The Cat lady.

Nickname: The Crazy Cat Lady.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Honey Blond.

Skin Colour: White

Border Colour: Blue

Flower: Forget me not

Group: Kaldt

Animal: Cat

Power: Hiding ability

Weapon: her fists

Personality: an happy crazy thing that is good at being unsocial

Mood: a glad thing

Bio: her life.

House: ?



VARMT & KALDT Team section member

GP-Roles: Administrator, Owner of 2221 with @Alfirune.

P-Roles: Writer, Editor, Artist, Crafter.

Projects: 2221.

Status: OFF&ON since 2013.


Member since 2013.

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