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@Otaku-Gunso [Moderator & Cosplayer]


Name: Otaku Gunso, The Green Star!

Nickname: Happy Green Star!

Gender: Female (GenderQueer)

Race: Unknown

Eye Colour: Brown/Black

Hair Colour: Brown/Black with some green in it.

Skin Colour: Brown

Border Colour: Green

Flower: Purple star flower

Group: Varmt

Animal: Flame haze (Elf)

Power: Fallen stars, green fire

Weapon: Duel Swords (Twin Blades)

Personality: Blunt

Mood: Calm

Bio: his life.

House: Green 2 story house.

Interior: Anime & manga stuff. :'))


GP-Roles: Moderator & Member of Varmt & Kaldt team section.

P-Roles: Cosplayer & Graphic Designer

Projects: None.

Status: OFF&ON since 2010


Member since September 18 2010.

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